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Jan 29, 2010

Mr. John Christian Bourque

January 29, 2010


His professional credentials include a decade of experience in the Ontario political, public policy and business strategy realms and expertise in providing clients with advanced political, public policy, privatization, and business strategy and advice. He is with KPMG Management Consulting where he offers business strategy experience and analysis, combined with political and public policy acumen. This skill set offers public and private sector clients in regulated or government-facing industries a needed bridge between business strategy and political and public policy savvy.

J.C. has worked in political and public policy risk management. During this time, he devised and managed policy strategies for clients involved in energy, economic development and privatizations. He also developed and implemented media and legislative strategies as well as worked on several political campaigns for the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party.

J.C. also writes for The Globe and Mail on pressing business and public policy topics. He holds degrees from the London School of Economics and the University of Toronto (MBA). He lectures at the University of Toronto in the area of globalization and capital markets.