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Jan 01, 2014

Lisa Lalande

January 1, 2014

Executive Lead, Mowat NFP

Lisa Lalande is the Executive Lead for the Mowat Centre’s Not-for-Profit Research Hub (Mowat NFP). She leads the development and execution of Mowat NFP’s research agenda. The hub’s research looks at long-standing structural, foundational, and systemic issues affecting the charitable and non-profit sector work together from a systems-lens.

Prior to this role, Lisa was on the executive management team at Lift Philanthropy Partners, a venture philanthropy organization that helps organizations increase their accountability, establish performance metrics, and improve their overall capacity to deliver social impact. For almost a decade, Lisa held a variety of senior management positions at Habitat for Humanity during a time of national and international strategic realignment. She led a cross-functional team in expanding the association’s domestic and international homebuilding activities, diversifying funding models and partnerships, establishing impact measurement approaches, and strengthening the Canadian association’s infrastructure. Lisa’s career also included working in retail banking and wealth management supporting proposed mergers and large-scale restructuring exercises.