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Aug 07, 2008

Public Policy Research From An Ontario Perspective

August 7, 2008

McGuinty Government and University of Toronto Launch New Research Institute.

Ontario is partnering with the University of Toronto to create a new research institute that will examine public policy issues that affect Ontario.

The province is providing seed money of $5 million to establish the research institute which will provide non-partisan policy research and analysis on key intergovernmental issues affecting Ontario and its relationship with other jurisdictions in Canada, North America and the world.

The institute will be part of the university’s School of Public Policy and Governance, a leading public policy educational institution in Canada. It will be independent of government.

The institute will develop long-term and innovative policy responses to challenges facing Ontario and Canada. It will publicize its work through public reports, lectures, electronic outlets and other means.

The institute will also serve as a home for visiting researchers and students and will establish relationships with universities and researchers across Ontario and around the world.


“The challenges and opportunities facing Canada are exciting. Independent, forward-looking research that considers the Ontario experience is essential if Canada is going to prosper in the 21st century.” said Minister of Training, Colleges and Universities John Milloy.

“The University of Toronto is looking forward to this opportunity to bring its multidisciplinary strengths to bear on the most compelling public policy challenges facing the province and Canada. Faculty and students in a wide range of fields will work together to ensure the latest and best thinking comes from this exciting and innovative institute,” said Professor Mark Stabile, Director of the University of Toronto’s School of Public Policy and Governance.

Quick Facts

  • Ontario is providing a one-time funding grant to the University of Toronto’s School of Public Policy and Governance toward a trust that will support the establishment and operation of an independent research institute.
  • The institute will have a mandate to commission, publish and publicize independent, non-partisan policy research on national and global issues, while taking the interests of Ontario into account.
  • The province and the School of Public Policy and Governance have signed a memorandum of understanding outlining key operational considerations regarding the institute, including a governance model and a staffing model.
  • The University of Toronto is Canada’s leading research university.
  • The School of Public Policy and Governance is home to many of Canada’s top academics in public policy. It has more than 60 affiliated faculty.

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