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Enabling Environment

Charitable and nonprofit sector modernization has been the subject of much recent debate and discussion in Canada. The federal government has signalled significant interest in renewing its relationship with the sector.

Recent consultations with sector stakeholders have resurfaced a recurring theme – the importance of creating an enabling environment for the sector. But what could such an enabling environment look like, how do you get there and where do you start?

Mowat NFP’s Enabling Environment series is intended to help the federal government and the sector develop a modern federal policy framework that strengthens the sector and enables it to improve the quality of life of people in Canada and around the world.

The series will explore several dimensions of an enabling environment including the relationship between the sector and government, charity regulation, aspects of financing, data, research and development. The papers will evaluate policy options and offer a thoughtful, future-oriented perspective on how the government and charitable and non-profit sector can work together.

There are many windows with which to view the sector, its challenges, and its needs. This series is merely one of them. It is intended to focus the questions and start conversations about reforming the broader government-sector relationship.

Partnership with Imagine Canada

As the national umbrella organization for charities and non-profits, Imagine Canada believes governments and charities must work together to solve today’s complex social and environmental challenges. Mowat NFP’s Enabling Environment series is a timely contribution to the wide-ranging discussion about the policies, issues, regulatory systems, and administrative relationships that form the basis of how the government and sector work together. Imagine Canada is pleased to contribute to the series. Our intention is to utilize the papers to support public policy discussion and development in the sector. Stay up to date with these activities by signing up for our Early Alert.

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