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2019 Survey Related

Apr 15, 2019

How Ontario sees the federation, and how the federation sees Ontario 

April 15, 2019

When the results of the 2019 Confederation of Tomorrow survey were released in March, headlines naturally turned to the federation’s traditional hot spots. French-language media focused on the absence of any noticeable warming towards federalism in Quebec, while their English-language counterparts zeroed in on the spike in discontent in the west, and more specifically in Alberta. Read More

Apr 08, 2019

Jeunes francophones: un réservoir d’appuis potentiels à la souveraineté

April 8, 2019

La Presse présentait récemment les résultats de recherche d’une nouvelle enquête d’opinion publique et en concluait notamment que « les Québécois ne se définissent majoritairement ni comme souverainistes ni comme fédéralistes ». Une analyse fine de ces données révèle toutefois un potentiel majeur d’appuis à la souveraineté chez les jeunes francophones. Read More

Apr 03, 2019

Yes, the country can feel divided, but most of us believe in shared values and federalism, an Environics study finds

April 3, 2019

The political differences across the country – on issues ranging from energy and the environment to immigration and the best way to create jobs – sometimes leave the impression that the country is hopelessly fractured. Yet the findings of our recent 2019 Confederation of Tomorrow survey (one of the largest studies ever conducted of what Canadians think about their federation) show this impression is misleading – at least in part. Read More

Mar 22, 2019

Sondage: les Québécois ni souverainistes, ni fédéralistes

March 22, 2019

Plus nombreux que jamais à s’inquiéter pour la survie du français, les Québécois ne se définissent majoritairement ni comme souverainistes ni comme fédéralistes. Six instituts de recherchebrossent le portrait de Québécois, mais aussi de Canadiens en général, qui s’identifient de plus en plus à leur province plutôt qu’au pays. Read More

Mar 22, 2019

Is the West fed up with Canada? What a new survey shows about the federation’s growing fault lines

March 22, 2019

Findings from the Environics Institute point to rising political alienation in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Atlantic Canada – resentment that Ottawa ignores at its own peril, researchers warn Read More